What people say:

“I felt significant improvement in my well-being by taking HealingGypsy Flower Essences. They are simple and easy to take. I experience “JOY BURSTS” all day long! They are GREAT!    R.R., Lawrence, KS

“Dr. Katherine is indeed AHEAD of her time!”   Dr. Goddard, Eastern Maine Medical Center

“I am feeling super! What you said to me plus the HealingGypsy flower essences I received have really helped me; I have been able to sleep better.”
L.G.  in FL

“Katherine is FABULOUS! I appreciate the warmth & clarity of her style!”             Business owner, N.H.

“With my first Healing Gypsy Flower essence my desire to smoke dropped increasingly. I do feel even better from the second bottle. I am more at ease & more at peace. Your flower essences really make a difference!  B.W. in Belfast, ME

“I love the zinnia! I am still feeling ‘lighter and more carefree’. Thank you so much!”      J.F. in Hampden, ME

"My life was a wreck!  I had become unemployed & suffered a terrible illness for years. Katherine put me back together. Her Garden grown flower essences helped me SO much!  I worked through many negative emotions over six months. I looked forward to receiving her care packages. It was the BEST choice I ever made!" --58 y.o. KC in Boston, MA

"My friend brought me to Katherine. Her environment is so peaceful & her gardens are JUST gorgeous! I was going through menopause, having a hard time emotionally with the aging process. I left with a specialty Flower Essence formula. In one month all kinds of POSITIVE changes have happened. I've never FELT BETTER! Katherine is a terrific healer!" BR in Maine

"Thank you for getting me out of my "excuses" mindset & helping me to prepare for what is coming! I feel alive and open again. You are something else! Thank-you & bless you!"--Osteopathic doctor in Maine

"Before I started taking the Healing Gypsy's Flower Essences my life was totally chaotic, depressing & out of control. Now I feel my life is SOOO GOOD; I feel stronger & healthier. I no longer need to take my anxiety medication. I feel so hopeful about everything. Katherine is Heaven Sent. Thank-you so much!"- 41yo in Maine

"The Flower Essences I got worked great! Very effective in expanding my awareness of myself and of others & the way I interact with my environment; my stress level has been next to non-existent and my social anxieties seemed to have faded into the past. I will be up in a week for a nice reading and some super awesome flower magic! Man, I love that stuff! :) " --25 yo in Maine

"The neat thing about my Flower Essence journey is that everything used to bother me day in and day out. After a week on Flower Essences I can honestly say that NOTHING is getting to me! I am LOVING this CALM! Thanks a bunch!" KJ in NJ

"I admire Katherine very much. Her ability to SEE the Positive in everything--to shine her love to everyone--shows me the way I should live my life too. She revealed to me that I hold so MUCH POTENTIAL for my MAGNIFICENCE--my greater good. That's so true!

Everyday I rise up to embrace more Light & to give more Love. That's all there is to it! She's RIGHT. We all need to EVOLVE MORE WELLNESS in our WORLD! I've joined her cause. I tell everyone I meet about The Healing Gypsy. Way to go Dr. Soul! I'm on YOUR TEAM!

-MC in WA

"My specially designed flower essence formula was JUST what I needed to help ease through some of the transitions I have been in.  Katherine's dedication to her clients and their wellness is so refreshing in today's world!   Simply AWESOME! Thank you, Katherine!" -38 yo male in ME

" Beyond happy with this purchase! " July 2018 Etsy customer

"Fast shipping, great products. Love it!"

"This SMOKEND kit is a Godsend. Lovingly packaged and arrived quickly! I also really appreciate the free gift and coupon. I will return!"

"OH MY GOD, in love with my necklace!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful necklace. Thank you for the free gift as well! So sweet of you. Will definitely shop here again!!

"Receiving this order made my day! Opening this amazing box full of dried petals was absolutely delightful! The packaging is exquisite and just when you think it can't get any better there's the marvelous contents! This is the best collection of dried petals and leaves ever! Everything is so vibrant! And when you again think it can't get any better, there are a few extra surprise goodies included too! The home and garden fairies are enchanted with pleasure! :) "

"This aromatherapy inhaler is awesome — I’ve been working very long hours, this week, and it’s been helping me to combat “brain fog” and lack of focus. I love it! 😊 "

Oh, wow...This is incredible!! ❤️ Everything was so carefully & beautifully packaged (and shipped extremely quickly), and the products are of the highest quality! Thank you so very much for all of the items, gifts, and information; I’ll definitely be a return customer. 😃 Very highly recommended!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Flower Essence Testimonials:

 I have been painting up a storm literally I'm doing a 30x24 clipper ship, and am calmly working my way through the many, many sails. I do feel less stressed. You are wonderful..... THANK YOU!! --73yo in Maine

“Yes, I have noticed there is a pronounced improvement in my way of looking at life. I have been feeling much better & my neighbors have been feeling better about me too. Thank you so much for the help!” M B. in Maine

"I have been very pleased with my results. I have not lost my temper in over two months--a record for me! I feel much calmer & don't let things bother me so much. I am not as critical of people as I was and have been trying new adventures with happy new memories. I am much more patient with my parents & have let go of old hurts. You have certainly made a believer out of me. I would like a refill!"  IA, Perry, ME

"I've been using only one drop, twice a day.  It seems to be working.  I feel empowered; I've been able to speak up for myself & voice my needs, concerns & opinions tactfully, without feeling guilty.   I've been having way too much fun!  I'm not sure when I have laughed so much & so hard.   My attitude has been up-lifted to a more positive level.  I've been smiling all the time & I don't feel that negative energy. Thanks Katherine!"  DH in Maine

"You know, while I wouldn't go so far as to say I was skeptical about the essences, I don't think I had any real expectation that I would notice any difference taking them, but rather did it with a, why not, attitude.  But I have to tell you honestly that I have felt AMAZING!  We focused on my overcoming reservations about speaking my mind, and since I started taking them I have made two major declarations that I've been sitting on for a very long time, and felt much more capable of being assertive and clear in my ongoing communications with my (nearly) ex.  It's become a joke between my mother and I--the flower factor.  I would like to order more!"  KH in Indiana

"Thank-you dear Katherine for helping me quit my life-long addiction to nicotine. The special flower essence package you put together for me has helped me SOO MUCH with the psychological piece to quitting smoking. The flower essences have helped me with the stress, anxiety, ruminating about the past, and anger issues which kept me smoking. I keep my blue bottle in my purse & will ALWAYS want my Flower Essences to help keep me sane, calm, joyful & stress-free. You have been a GOD-SEND to me!  Thank-you so much! " PC in Cleveland, OH

"The Flower Essences have been working well! On the days when I forget to take them the mindfulness of their intended action works quite well also. My sister has been taking them also; I am encouraged by the effects in her. I also have been feeling a better flow of energy."  52 yo male in Maine

" Before taking Flower Essences I was feeling depressed & despondent. I called Katherine and she started me on her HAPPINESS formula. Within a week I noticed a huge difference & so did my husband. Now, my husband and daughter are both taking Flower Essences. I can't recommend Katherine ENOUGH to anyone I know. Thank-you again, Katherine!" 67 yo in Maine

"Before taking Flower Essences I was anxious about my life. I excessively worried about my family, their health, finances, & daily lives. I was very scattered mentally & emotionally. I was holding onto resentments. After taking Flower Essences for 7 months I am completely different! I am calmer. I am more trusting of life and the well-being of my family.  I am more centered, more forgiving & accepting of past resentments. I am HAPPIER to start the day!"  --61 y.o in Maine

"I remember feeling stuck, muddied, cloudy, and afraid.  A feeling of dread lingered on my soul.  There was a weight hanging on me keeping me from moving forward.  It was something unseen, something I was unable to change for myself. Something internal.

With great hesitation I decided to give the flower essences a try, not knowing the medical relevance of flowers.  But my thought was, "we use herbs, why not flowers?" So I started using a mixture Katherine made special just for me.

I felt lighter.  My mind was more clear.  My focus improved, and I was inspired.  It was like a knot in my being was loosened.  I noticed a change right away.  Within a few days my confidence improved, my mood lifted, and my mental block changed from fog, to composition!  I couldn't believe the change.  Music started flowing out of my fingers when I sat down to the piano, and whole songs flowed out of my heart.  Within two months I had written and recorded two brand new songs! " --32yo in ME

    "My first thought is thank you so very much for your kind and loving attention.  I came in very low and it was good to have your support.  I took the flower essences when I got home and since then and I am still amazed at how good I feel!!!  I worked out in my yard all day Saturday and planted new flowers, mowed, weeded, etc and worked in the yard Sunday morning and got lots accomplished.  I even took a nice pleasant nap on Sunday afternoon.  My mood is so much improved and I have energy to get things accomplished.  You are marvelous and I just wonder why I waited so long to see you? You are amazing and such a good example for all of us.  Blessings to you, my friend and healer."

-49 yo in ME

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